My new favorite munchie-Spiced Roasted Soybeans

I accidentally bought some dried soybeans the other day, thinking I had picked up Garbanzo Beans to make Hummus.

Since I wasn’t familiar with cooking them, I perused the Internet looking for ideas.  What interested me was a recipe for Roasted Soybeans.  I made them and they are now my new favorite “healthy” snack.  No Doritos here. Just protein packed beans. 

So here is how I did it:
 I took 1 ½ cups of the whole dry soybeans and covered them with about double the amount of water. I soaked them this way over night (or 6-8 hrs). Then I drained the water, rinsed them and drained again.

Meanwhile I preheated an oven (actually my toaster oven) to 300 degrees.

I laid out the beans on a cookie sheet and lightly coated them with coconut oil (olive oil would work too).  I then sprinkled some garlic powder, Gephardt’s chili powder and a little pink salt on top (You can vary the spices to your liking).

They bake for about 45 min to one hour but you have to stir them every 15 minutes. I tasted them for doneness each time I stirred them. It took me 45 minutes the first time I tried it in the toaster oven. The second time they were browned but still a little soft in the middle so I turned the oven off and let them stay in there to dry out a bit.

I hope you will try these.