Super Bowl healthy food

I was invited to my friend's house for Super Bowl.  Actually he is also a former training client. The food is pot luck style and everyone is asked to bring a dish. I had a busy week so had not planned what I was going to bring.  I wanted to make something that was"somewhat" healthy and would go well with the traditional Super Bowl food. I also wanted to use ingredients I had on hand.

Well after nixing several ideas, I found this recipe I had cut out from a Sunset Magazine.  I had all but one ingredient (the chips), so I did run to the store for them. I liked this dip and it seemed to go over pretty well.  I even shared the recipe on request.

This is not for the faint of heart as it is made with smoked jalapenos (Chipotle Chiles).  One thing I love about being back in Texas is that I am not the only one who likes spicy food.  So if you are a spicy food lover,  try this. If not,  there are plenty of other things you can eat.

The only changes I made to the recipe is first, I used jarred roasted red peppers. I also added a little cumin and drained the yogurt to make it a little thicker. It would be fine if you don't drain it (cheesecloth or a coffee filter works) just not as thick. So here it is. Would love to hear from you if you try it. Oh...forgot to mention, I used baked tortilla chips. Enjoy.

Red pepper chipotle dip: 
Grill or broil 2 red peppers until blackened. Peel, seed, and stem. In a food processor, whirl peppers with ½ cup plain Greek yogurt and 1 canned chipotle chile until smooth. Add salt to taste. Transfer to a bowl.. Chill to thicken; top with sliced green onions. Serve with tortilla chips.